Insulin Pump Therapy


Virginia Diabetes and Endocrinology, P.C. offers bi-monthly informational classes that provide an overview of insulin pump therapy, your choices for insulin pumps, and information about insurance coverage and requirements. The informational classes also explain the process of purchasing an insulin pump and the training requirements that you can expect. Insulin pump informational classes are held at both the Midlothian and West End offices and are taught by our Certified Pump Trainer, Kim Jones.  If you have already discussed insulin pump therapy with your physician, please call 804.272.2702 to reserve a slot in an upcoming class. 


Virginia Diabetes & Endocrinology, P.C. recommends selecting from the products below.  Please click on a link below to learn more about specific Insulin Pump Therapy products.




Cozmore Insulin Technology Systems


Animas Corporation 


Omnipod Insulin Management System 


Accu-Ceck Spirit Insulin Pump System




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